Sodium Hyaluronate plus Niacinamide


INNORYOS is the first intra-articular injection made of hyaluronic acid and niacinamide.

This two key ingredients enable a dual effect to counterbalance the deleterious effect of osteoarthritis on synovial fluid and cartilage.


The Dual Effect

This innovative formulation has been designed to offer unique antioxidant properties for a reinforced gel against free radical degradation compared to linear and cross linked HA.

The dual effect

INNORYOS mode of action

The first intra-articular injection made of Hyaluronic Acid and Niacinamide

INNORYOS treatment enables to restore the viscosity and elasticity of endogenous synovial fluid to reestablish homeostasis of the joint.

With its high resistance to oxidative degradation, the viscoelastic properties of the gel are preserved offering outstanding lubrication properties and better cartilage protection, to maximize the treatment outcomes.

Preservation of HA integrity

  • Anti-oxidant power
  • Limits inflammation

Improves cartilage conditions

  • Preservation of chondrocytes viability
  • Synthesis of collagen type II

Provides better mobility

  • Acts on pain mediators
  • Improves joint function

INNORYOS features

INNORYOS is a new generation treatment that acts on all the aspects of osteoarthritis to improve the joint function of OA patients.



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